A Purposeful Break

We took a social media break for January and here are two reasons why! 

A Chance To Catch Our Breath

On a typical day, we are both running constantly. After a long day of work, I would hop on Instagram and just scroll my life away (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Insta!), but the main problem wasn’t with the time I was spending on social media, but the reaction in my heart to what I saw as I scrolled. My feed is filled with incredible photographers that take breathtaking photos, many of these photographers are close friends, mentors, and industry warriors that I can’t imagine being in this business without. They always seem to have the prettiest feeds, perfect captions, and oh so many likes and comments (I shared my heart on this Instagram post back in November). This pattern of looking at others’ Instagram feeds and comparing myself to them led me to despair. That may sound dramatic to you, but truth be told I felt like there was no way I could go forward with my photography business. I would never have as many followers, or capture light as well, or have those kinds of relationships with my clients or peers.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

In my mind, I had already closed the door on any hope. I had been robbed of all joy that came from photography and guess what? I brought it on myself because I made it all about me. I don’t remember ever asking the Lord for help to quiet my anxious heart. I gave up and lost sight of the WHY behind our business. Our mission statement is below:


In those moments I completely forgot that we do this because we value our clients and their love stories. We value marriage and are filled with so much joy when we are there to capture every detail. I forgot the complete GLEE that I experience (and the jumping up and down – just ask Michael) when we book a wedding. I forgot all of these things because I was focused on me and not on them. This purposeful time away from all social media allowed me to catch my breath. I’ve been so caught up in what everyone else is doing that I neglected to let KDP thrive by truly focusing on our sweet brides and grooms and their families. I just sat back in the passenger seat while comparison steered the car. Time away allowed me to breathe in deeply and restart with a new mindset. 


Action Step 1: To continue this refreshed mindset, I will be planning out my posts (blogs, Instagram, Facebook) in advance so I won’t get lost in the scroll while trying to post purposeful content. Now some of you might be wondering why I just don’t give up social media completely – as a business owner in this day and age, social media plays a vital role in exposure and allowing potential clients to see our work.

Action Step 2: Intentionally lift others up and seek out ways to encourage them genuinely. This may seem like an easy one, but encouraging others in the past has reminded me of my own failures (again…all about me…) when highlighting the way others are succeeding. Photographers, if you’re in the same boat as me, let’s strive to encourage at least one other person in the creative industry every day! 

Committed Time In The Word

As a Christian, I am called to read the Word of God every day. This is not a monotonous item on a checklist, but rather God’s calling for believers to intentionally get to know Him and how to live in such a way that glorifies Him. I remember a time when I consistently sought the Lord through His Word. This time in my life stands out to me because I was joyful in the Lord. Over the past few years my relationship with God has been strained (my own fault) by continually adding more to my plate until finally time with God got replaced completely. When we decided to take a break from social media, this was my number one priority – to seek the Lord through the Bible daily and find a simple way to stay on track. 

I found the app YouVersion and am so grateful for daily reminders and a way to keep track! I selected a program to read the Bible in a year, so every morning I’m reminded to open God’s Word and soak in time with Him. It has been such a joy! 

“In Your presence there is fullness of joy.” – Psalm 16:11


Action Step 1: Continue to prioritize reading God’s Word first. I used to check social media first in the morning before even getting out of bed. I have this app set up so after my alarm goes off, the first thing I see on my screen is Scripture. Friends, this is LIFE GIVING.

Action Step 2: Pray for a friend to study the Bible with on a weekly basis. Over the past three months I’ve been discipling a college girl in our church. God’s goodness and grace are all the sweeter when sharing in His Word together with another believer. I’m praying for a friend to read through Scripture and pray with me! 

There is nothing wrong with taking a break. It’s a blessing to be able to step back, take a deep breath, and really ask yourself what you are doing with the time you’ve been given. 

I’m so excited for this month and sharing more of how I’m doing with my goals. Thanks for reading along friends! 


Brittney & Adam [Wedding]


I really can’t think of any other way to describe Brittney & Adam’s beautiful Tennessee wedding other than joyful! They got married at Adam’s parent’s home, a gorgeous southern house with a barn perfect for their ceremony and reception.

A little back story for you all – Brittney and I went to middle school and high school together. It seems like just yesterday we were goofing off in chemistry class and going to football games. I was completely overjoyed when she contacted me about photographing their wedding! It’s amazing how this crazy business brings the best people back into our lives!

Adam and Brittney both have incredibly sweet and caring families. Phyllis (Adam’s mom) and Chris (Brittney’s mom) were a constant source of answers, help, hugs, and fun throughout the day! Each detail (cotton candy bags, food trucks, a comfy couch outside the reception barn, gorgeous florals) was thought out and absolutely PERFECT!

We loved sharing in this day with the new Mr. & Mrs. Lackey!B+A-Details-56B+A-Details-35B+A-Details-22B+A-Details-25B+A-Details-23B+A-Getting-Ready-15B+A-Details-43B+A-Details-26B+A-Details-17B+A-Details-24B+A-Details-32B+A-Details-48B+A-Getting-Ready-13B+A-Getting-Ready-11B+A-Details-29B+A-Details-28B+A-Details-30B+A-Details-12B+A-Getting-Ready-6B+A-Details-52B+A-Details-50B+A-Details-33B+A-Details-27B+A-Details-8B+A-Details-55B+A-Details-53B+A-Getting-Ready-18B+A-Getting-Ready-19B+A-Family-11





Dawn & Brent [Wedding]


Dawn & Brent’s sweet southern wedding took place at Walnut Way Farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky. It was a dreamy day with plenty of southern charm! Dawn shared a precious first look with her dad, and it was immediately clear how much Dawn & Brent value their families. Their two children, Carlee and Blake, were in the wedding party and it was the sweetest! One of my favorite moments was after the ceremony when Carlee picked up Dawn’s dress to help so it wouldn’t drag on the grass. She was being so helpful!

With an incredible team of vendors, this wedding day went on perfectly! Thank you, Dawn & Brent, for allowing Michael and I to photograph your wedding day!



Wedding Gown – Couture Closet

Florals – J Elizabeth Designs

Venue – Walnut Way Farm


Emilee & Kevin [Engaged]


Old Louisville is one of the prettiest places in Kentucky, I’m convinced of that now after Emilee + Kevin’s romantic engagement session. They drove all the way from Cincinnati for their session and within the first two minutes I knew we were going to have an EPIC session!! My intuition did not disappoint!

Emilee + Kevin have been together for 6 years and Kevin completely surprised Emilee by proposing at an Easter family gathering in front of her whole family! Kevin planned out that when Emilee received her number to get a prize it would be a note asking the sweetest and most romantic question, “Will you marry me?” Emilee said that Kevin was bended on one knee when she turned around and she was so surprised!

We wandered all up and down St. James Court and found the prettiest spots for their photos. Beautiful gates, the center fountain, and intimate pathways made for the most romantic session.

Emilee + Kevin, you basically made Michael and I feel like your best friends and we loved spending the evening getting to know you and hear about your wedding next May!



Carly & Nick [Engaged]


Carly & Nick were such a JOY to photograph! They drove all the way from Cincinnati for their session and goodness, we had the BEST evening (can I get an amen for the gorgeous light?!) Carly and Nick are both incredibly sweet and caring people. We started the night talking about how they met, dated, got engaged, and plans for their wedding next November in Ohio! It’s beyond obvious that Nick is head over heels in love with Carly, and it was so much fun seeing them interact together!

Their session was at Old Blue Ribbon Farm, an absolutely gorgeous farm north of Louisville. With country flair and sweet southern charm, their farm engagement session is definitely one of my favorites!

Carly & Nick – thank you for letting me capture this precious time for you!


Lauren & Michael {Wedding}


This beautiful wedding day started at Lauren and Michael’s house where Lauren and her eleven bridesmaids were getting ready. Sweet Lauren could not have been a more relaxed and fun bride! All of the girls had matching robes (in mint, so obviously I was obsessed!) and the house was filled with laughter and joy as they all got ready. One of the best emotional moments of the day was when Lauren’s dad saw her for the first time in her wedding dress. It never ceases to amaze me how dads just beam at their little girls all grown up and getting married. Lauren wore a necklace that her mother and grandmother wore on their wedding days! Such a special touch that showed how much they value their families!

Their wedding ceremony was held at a catholic church (absolutely beautiful inside!) and it was such a joy to see so many family and friends come to celebrate with the happy couple!

Mr. & Mrs. Higgins, thank you SO much for allowing us to be a part of your incredible day! We loved sharing in the joy of your marriage!


L&M-Portraits-8L&M-Portraits-4L&M-Portraits-7L&M-Portraits-6L&M-Bridal-Party-9L&M-Bridal-Party-2L&M-Bridal-Party-3L&M-Bridal-Party-11L&M-Bridal-Party-20L&M-Bridal-Party-17L&M-Bridal-Party-18L&M-Bridal-Party-19L&M-Bridal-Party-13L&M-Bridal-Party-6L&M-Bridal-Party-15L&M-Bridal-Party-7L&M-Bridal-Party-8L&M-Bridal-Party-16L&M-Bridal-Party-5L&M-Bridal-Party-1L&M-Bridal-Party-21L&M-Bridal-Party-10L&M-Ceremony-1L&M-Portraits-34L&M-Ceremony-2L&M-Ceremony-3L&M-Ceremony-4L&M-Ceremony-5L&M-Portraits-1 2L&M-Portraits-33L&M-Portraits-35L&M-Portraits-32L&M-Portraits-1L&M-Portraits-31L&M-Portraits-36L&M-Portraits-9L&M-Portraits-19L&M-Portraits-26L&M-Portraits-17L&M-Portraits-23L&M-Portraits-20L&M-Portraits-11L&M-Portraits-21L&M-Portraits-24L&M-Portraits-25L&M-Portraits-13L&M-Portraits-18L&M-Portraits-27L&M-Portraits-22L&M-Portraits-14L&M-Portraits-12L&M-Portraits-16L&M-Portraits-15L&M-Portraits-28L&M-Reception-8L&M-Reception-9L&M-Reception-3L&M-Reception-6L&M-Reception-10L&M-Reception-13L&M-Reception-11L&M-Reception-14L&M-Reception-16L&M-Reception-18L&M-Reception-19L&M-Reception-22L&M-Reception-26L&M-Reception-25L&M-Reception-7




Ariana & Tanner [Engaged]


I have to confess that this was probably the most FUN I’ve ever had on an engagement session! Ariana & Tanner are not only absolutely adorable, but we had a great time talking about their story and their wedding! They are both extremely easy going people and genuinely joyful!

From Tanner serenading Ariana with his guitar to their adventurous spirits, their relationship is nothing short of pure sweetness.

Ariana & Tanner, enjoy reliving your engagement session and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!



Ann & Brady [Engaged]


A few weekends ago I had a sweet engagement session with Ann + Brady! We ventured through downtown Louisville and they were such troopers! We walked all around finding the perfect spots and it was SO fun shooting in a more urban setting!

One of my favorite parts of their session was the way they smiled at each other – you know, the crinkly nose sweet kind of smiles 🙂 They are having a DESTINATION next year! How awesome is that?!

Ann + Brady, thank you so much for letting us capture this sweet time in your lives!



Stephanie & Daniel [Engaged]


Last weekend I had the joy of photographing Stephanie & Daniel’s engagement session! We had such a great time talking about their big day coming next year! Stephanie basically laughed through the entire shoot, and it was so sweet to see them just enjoy being together.

Stephanie & Daniel, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this precious time in your lives!

Enjoy these sweet photos from their sunrise session!