The Big Game Changer For Editing Your Photographs

Game Changer Blog Graphic

Our wedding season hasn’t officially started for us yet, so it’s been a good time to soak in as much education as we can! We learned this trick (that may be completely obvious to most photographers!) just last week from one of our favorite husband and wife teams – Amy&Jordan (aren’t they the sweetest?!), and it’s so cool to see how much of an effect it’s had on our images already.

So what is this game changer?!

When editing in Lightroom, there are several editing options on the right hand side of the screen. This game changer is located in the “Lens Corrections” box highlighted in red below. Truth be told, I had never ever used this editing box until last week!

Profile Correction

Here’s a closer look! The game changer is the second box called “Enable Profile Corrections.” In order for the correction to take place, you’ll need to select the Make/Model/Profile of the lens/body you use when you shoot!

closer look

What does “Enabling Profile Corrections” actually do?

  1. It removes distortion – even if you photograph with a prime lens, there can still be some image manipulation that takes place during shooting. This can cause people to look shorter, or the whole image to appear wider! When this box is checked, you’ll notice that it’s as if your image was slouching in a chair before, and now is sitting straight up!
  2. Vignetting disappears – let’s be honest, how many of you thought darker or lighter corners of your images was cool back in the day? I sure thought so! I had no concept of the value of even light! When this box is checked, you’ll see the corners brighten. All distortion that darkens the edges of your photo will be removed.

To really see the transformation, after you’ve checked the box, hit the backslash button (right under the delete/backspace key on a MAC) to see the difference of the before and after! In some images, the change will be very subtle, but in others it will be such a big game changer!

Stay tuned for more KDP Education posts coming to the blog soon!