5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Husband & Wife Photography Team


As we head into our 4th year of photographing weddings together, I am overwhelmed with gratitude! At this stage in our business, we don’t know what we would do if we couldn’t photograph a wedding together. Our KDP Couples are always guaranteed to have Michael and I together for their day.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why we believe couples should hire a husband & wife team for the sweetest day of their lives!

  1. Experience – We’ve been in your shoes! As a once engaged couple (4 years ago on May 18th!) we understand what you both are experiencing leading up to the wedding and on your actual wedding day in a very personal way. Our desire is to use that personal experience to make your wedding day filled with ease and lots of laughter, as well as genuine joy for you as you step into the beautiful gift of marriage!
  2. Enjoyment – This may seem like a silly one, but don’t you want your wedding photographers to be overflowing with happiness on your wedding day?! As a husband and wife team, being able to spend all day together doing what we love most for you brings us so much joy! We thrive on photographing genuine love. That joy is tangible, and will make the whole vibe of photography feel fun and enjoyable for you both, your families, guests, bridal party, and fellow vendors! Can I be sappy and cheesy for a hot second? Because Michael and I are married, I feel safe to be completely ME when I’m around him. That means during portraits with the bride and groom when I’m swooning over images, Michael isn’t judging me or wishing I’d hurry up and get back to shooting. He is enjoying that moment/celebration with me and with our couple! The pressure for perfection is off, and we can both photograph more creatively and intentionally because we enjoy doing this together.
  3. Encouragement – Having a husband and wife team whose business is built on a solid foundation is vital. We are constantly building each other up (before, during, and after your wedding) to be the best that we can possibly be for you. When I’m feeling tired toward the end of a wedding, Michael encourages me to finish strong. When we are figuring out creative new shots to provide you with beautiful images, we strategize together and feed off of each other’s creative eye. Michael’s presence alone always pushes me to strive to be better as a person, friend, wife, and photographer.
  4. Expectation – Our whole mission for photographing weddings is that we believe that genuine love has been designed with a purpose, and that love deserves to be captured and cherished forever. We are on the same page with the importance of our job as wedding photographers. Having the same expectation for how we shoot, our mission, and how we love on our couples during their wedding day means that we don’t encounter friction. You will never see us arguing or not getting along. Our expectations have been set for what Michael’s role includes and what my role includes!
  5. Endurance – As a husband and wife team dedicated to constantly working on our own relationship (including lots of snuggles and date nights), we have grown through struggles and joys, side by side. We are in this for the long haul, and that’s how it is with our business too. If one of our couples is feeling overwhelmed, we aren’t leaving them alone to face the wedding stress alone! We want to walk alongside of you, encourage you in the last few months of your engagement, and motivate you to look past the wedding day and to what actual marriage entails. Guys, we are in this for YOU.

Brides to be, I hope you found this encouraging, and would love to hear your thoughts and questions! We are always happy to talk more about why we do this as a team! You can email us at katelynndowphotography@gmail.com.