Top 4 in 2017

The end of another year is always bittersweet for me. I love the concept of a fresh start that the new year brings, but I’m also reminded of how quickly time goes by! 2017 was a BUSY year for us. Michael and I both worked full time jobs, photographed five weddings, and Michael took classes each semester.

I decided to start of 2018 with a solid break from social media to clear my mind and refocus on what really matters (you can find that blog post here) after such a rushed past several months.

Now it’s time to reflect on the top 4 moments from 2017 and I’m so excited to share these with you!


This was our very first time out of the USA! Our church took a group of over 50 people (ranging from child care workers to nurses to counselors) to host a global retreat for our missionary families. The whole point of the trip was to provide much needed rest and spiritual care for each missionary (including their kids!). I worked in the nursery caring for the little babes and Michael was on the security team making sure all ran smoothly. We got to take family pictures as a gift to the families and I was able to photograph events that took place too!

One of the best outcomes of the trip are the relationships that developed with some of the families. We are so thankful for our church community and the intentionality to meet the needs of the body of believers. Our hope is to be a part of a trip every year!





This past May my first nephew, Elias James, turned one! This is a top moment for me because it is such a joy to be an auntie to this precious little boy! I’m sure every aunt feels this way, but Eli is so gifted. He’s talking in full sentences, can count to 19 on his own, loves to sing, and is such a happy little guy.




Did you know that Michael is from Colorado? He grew up there and didn’t move to another state until he was 23 (that’s when he met me 🙂 ) We flew to Colorado in mid September for a quick weekend getaway and it was breathtaking! I’ve been to Colorado with Michael during Christmas (such pretty snow!) but this was my first experience of the Colorado weather everyone from there talks about – perfect clear blue skies, no humidity, and a warm breeze. We spent the weekend with his family adventuring in the mountains, trying new restaurants, and exploring the city!

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Last April we hosted a free engagement session giveaway and had a BLAST getting to know so many new couples, hear their stories, and give our free sessions! We may or may not be cooking up something fun like this again for this year!





What was one of your highlights from 2017? Comment below! 🙂