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Selecting Getting Ready Location

Hey brides! This blog post is for you! Your Getting Ready location for your wedding day can set the whole mood and flow for how the rest of the day will go.

Imagine this: you wake up after a somewhat restful night of sleep (those pre-wedding jitters can keep a girl up! 😉 ) and are racking your brain through all of your checklists. “…When are the flowers getting dropped off? Where did I put my shoes? I know I put my vows somewhere…how long will it really take to get my makeup done?” If you’re a planner and anything like me (this girl LOVES checklists and being organized!), your mind might be racing to keep track of #allthethings.

Now imagine this: you arrive at your Getting Ready location, and you immediately are overwhelmed with peace. Why? The space is clean and open. There is natural light streaming in through the windows. It’s bright and easy to see all of your little details that you’ll be putting on before seeing your groom.

On your wedding day, the absolute LAST thing you need to feel is stressed. Your Getting Ready space is a safe haven for you to be with your closest girlfriends, mom, grandma, cousins, etc, before becoming a WIFE! You need space to breathe in without feeling distracted. It’s easy to get lost in the 14 bottles of hairspray, leftover snacks from the night before, and your bridesmaids’ duffle bags. That space can become the opposite of peaceful pretty quickly.

This blog post is about more than just finding a pretty room. I want to give you a few ideas of how to make any space work as your Getting Ready location!

Put Away The Clutter

One of the best ways to declutter your space before it can even get cluttered is to designate a spot for your girls to drop off their bags, a place for all the snacks, etc! I recommend that someone else delegates this the morning of so you aren’t worried about telling people where things should go. If your space is clean, it will not only be beautiful for sweet photographs, but easy to get around in and more space for everyone to be in the same room!

Lauren used her bedroom to get ready, and getting the shots of all of her girls on the bed was only possible by keeping the space decluttered! The pictures of all the ladies together in their robes are some of my favorites from that morning!


Pick A Location Based On Light

Light is everything! I can’t stress that enough. If your Getting Ready space has dark walls and minimal windows (like a basement or most hotel rooms), this will make the space seem smaller and more stressful. Big windows and light colored walls will help keep the room open and calm.

For Sarah’s Getting Ready location, we used her niece’s nursery because the light was immaculate for photographs! I’m so thankful for Sarah’s trust with this decision. My goal was to make sure it didn’t look like a nursery and I think we pulled that off!


Prep The Room The Day Before

If it’s possible, get your room(s) ready the day before so you arrive to a fresh slate on your wedding day! This is a good adventure for your bridesmaids to take over for you 🙂 Get anything and everything done before the actual day to save time and keep YOU stress-free! This can also include taking tags off bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, your dress, etc! Or making sure that the car you are riding in is spotless! You don’t want any rogue french fries stuck to the bottom of your shoes!

Okay, back to the room! Prepping your Getting Ready location could include:

  • Making the bed
  • Putting away any clutter
  • Moving furniture (if allowed) to make it more open
  • Dropping off your dress, accessories, shoes, veil, etc.
  • Stocking the fridge with snacks and water bottles

Brittney and Adam used his parent’s house to get ready (she used the upstairs and he used the pool house) and it was gorgeous! Both sets of parents worked so hard to make sure every detail was taken care of. With a prepped Getting Ready space, we were able to start taking pictures right away instead of taking time to move items into hiding!


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